Born 1983 in Berlin Neukölln and grown up in Passau, a small town in Lower Bavaria.

She did stop in France to study and graduate in performing arts, where spaces become for her important again in photography.

The primary function of fictional space is to address the searching questions social conscience asks.

Each space is, for her, like a forum where individual selves and viewpoints may resolve or dissolve into masks;

where intuitive notions of coherence are interrogated to disclose a profound desire for "Heimat", or homecoming, that is common to us all.

What gives Aline's work its authentic, distinctive edge is that her interior journey of self-examination informs each visible shape and vibrant nuance of the stories she tells.

We are invited to recollect with her a space of belonging.

We are drawn into portaits of lives other than our own. The foreign land appears almost familiar.

The ego of secure identity is made suddenly, fruitfully strange.



+49 (0) 178 1955443




// currently in Berlin



Schwimmende Heimaten ( installation ) & Postcards from Tarlabasi, Occupy Flutgraben, August 2018, Berlin/Germany

Postcards from Tarlabasi, Lost 48h artfestival, Berlin/Germany

Postcards from Tarlabasi, Pasaj, September 2017, Istanbul/Turkey

Remember Detroit, Kunstnacht, July 2017, Passau/Germany



140 Journos, Istanbul/Turkey, Oktober 2017 >> read

Passauer Neue Presse, Passau/Germany, Juli 2017 >>

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